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MORTUARY on Metalegion Magazine



News from the Morgue: May the 31 

Hi Mortumaniacs!!! I f you're looking some 

really interesting stuffs to read and real good

bands to discover:

Order the new Metalegion magazine issue n°6!!!

Including really cool interview from us

and tons of bands as well as a great CD sampler

with "Delete Replace" from our last effort

"the Autophagous Reign" released on Xenocorp

and  also with songs from Wellicorus, Holycide, Thanatos,

and many more!

if you want to order it and support the real underground, go there

Thanks to Ricardo for this amazing zine!!!


The french Autophagous tour started in January!!!

Hi Mortumaniacs !!

Our new album is now in many heads and has destroyed some ears for sure. Not deaf yet? In this beginning of 2020, it was the start of our french autophagous tour and you know what? First dates in January were totaly a blast. We rode through our lovely country to meet you. We found you. You were everywhere, following us on every dates, giving us the strenght to be more brutal on stage every night.

It had been such a long time

we dream about this tour.

Metal family is so lovely

and faithful!!! In every gigs,

some tons of smile , passion

exchange, headbanging,

stage diving!!

We are so grateful to all of you,

 you know. But even if we speak

about the past right now,

this tour is not ended, that's sure.

Last week, we played in Metz with

the almighty Death Metal U.S gods

Malevolent Creation and the

french legendary Agressor.

Next week and next months,

we are on the road again. Many

shows to be announced here,

don't miss us and see you there.

Thanks for your eternal support.

Without you, we are nothing!

Keep smiling and stay Brutal!!

The Mortuary

The autophagous reign available

Hi Mortumaniacs !!

Our new album is now available. You can listen it on all the major platform and buy it on our eshop. We are very happy to read all the great review around the world. Thanks to all of you !


PRE ORDER : The autophagous reign

Hi Mortumaniacs !!

From now on you can pre order our new album "The Autophagous Reign" tru the XENOKORP website. Be carefull there is some limited edition ! so if you do not want to missed them, you know what you have to do !!!


NEW ALBUM : The autophagous reign

Hi Mortumaniacs !!

Today we are very proud to present to you our new album called the autophagous reign. All details are available at the XENOKORP website here. Released November 8.2020


New Album Hertz Studio

Hi Mortumaniacs !!

Today a dream comes true for us. We are in Poland at the hertz studio (Vader, Decapitated, Behemoth...) to register the successor of NTN. To celebrate our 30 years of existence we choose one of the most famous European studio. This week is dedicated to the drum recording and then next week all other musicians.

You can follow us on our instagram

Deeper on the new album !


Hi Mortumaniacs !!

Here we are again! Happy to give you some news once again! As you already know, in a couple of months, we ride to Poland, far in the East, to record our new album. We can't wait to work in this fantastic place that is the Hertz studio. The first time we record in a monument of the european metal sound. Weeks after weeks, rehearsal after rehearsal, the need to give everything is boiling inside our body on this next brand new album is stronger than ever, you know. We are so excited to make you listen our new tracks, we hope you also are! Don't be afraid, some pure Mortuary style! The sound we play for 30 years, now. A journey into the lands of brutality! heads upside down, a sudden need to jump everywhere! You already felt that! Nothing is missing, be sure, all you love will be inside in large doses. As always, we try to be the more brutal we can, you know that!! Blast, death, thrash parts in an infernal mix. Lyrics will speak about everything that makes us angry and torment us: excessive consumerism system, narcissism, the obsolescence of the human race in this world and what will happen to us...We hope that we made you want to hear our music again and follow us for a couple of decades. You know, all of you are a part of the Mortuary's story! This brand new album will be also yours. Begin of February we will again travel in the past on our YouTube chanel ! Stay tuned cos some big news will be announced right here on this site very soon ! Not dead yet, the next months will be fuckin brutal.... 

Stay brutal!!!


Hi Mortumaniacs !! This year 2018 is coming to her end, in terminal phase, she deserved to take a rest for eternity. This year was rich for us with lot of gigs and of course this great tour in October in the heart of Europe with Vader and Entombed A.D. 2018 is about to slam the door and here comes 2019 , the big year for Mortuary. The year of 30 years old, just half of our carrer! 30 years that you go with us and you support us. Of course, this year will be special; we are about to finish the writing of the songs of the next album and in June, we fly to the East of Europe, exactly in Poland at the legendary Hertz studio (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Hate, ...) to record our new album! A big studio for a big event! This new album will contain a lot of surprises, as you might expect. It should be released in the fall of 2019. Of course you have to be patient but believe us, you will not regret it! Birthday's special show, tour, merchandising collector and other surprise, stuffs and shit will also be there. So stay tuned with us, continue what you started a long time ago, support your bands. We wish you a very happy new year and we 'll meet all at the party! The old are not dead yet !! and so far, stay brutal!!


Now, it's time to tell you about our next album, which should be the worthy successor of "Nothingless Than Nothingness" released in 2015. We already have dozens of written titles. We work so hard every single day, you know. Do not worry, we will offer you pure Mortuary style: thrash riffs, brutal death parts, aggressive vocals. Close your eyes and imagine everything you love about Mortuary! Well, everything will be in it! We think this is the most brutal material written to date!! The older we are, more brutal we are; Is it serious, Doc? Soon, we tell you more about the writing process and all details about the recording forecasted in May/June 2019 in a big (big!!) studio. There will also be a lot of surprises on this new album because next year is a historic year for Mortuary; indeed we will celebrate our 30 years of existence !! The beast has grown well all these years, thanks to you!! We will talk about this again very soon.

New label XENOKORP

We are proud to announce you that we signed a deal with XENOKORP label. We thanks Nico very much for his confidence.

We are pretty sure that, together, we will mark the history of MORTUARY. Stay tuned !


To again celebrate our 30 year’s of existence, we also had a video on our new tube channel, for old school death metal fan’s. enjoy !

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