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Current line up :
left to right
Guitar : Alexis Baudin
Guitar : Gautier Merklen
Vocal : Patrick Germonville
Bass : Jean-Noël Verbecq

Drum : Johann Voirin


Formed in 1989, Mortuary are a band who have long been recognised for their unique blend of Thrash, Death Metal (Punk and Grindcore). In the last three decades they have become one of the mainstay acts of the European Extreme Metal scene to date, the band  released six studio albums, and their relentless commitment to live performance is evidenced in an extensive list of past tours gigs, where their name can be found listed beside bands like Coroner, Obituary, Hypocrisy, Benighted, Pestilence, Decapitated, Vader, Entombed Malevolent Creation, Agressor Mercyless … As well as touring Europe, they have also played venues in Cuba.

In 2017 they had the great pleasure to perform the prestigious Hellfest festival.

In 2018, they toured with Vader and Entombed AD through Europe for 2 weeks 

2019 saw the band celebrate their 30th anniversary and marked the release of their long-awaited 6th album "The Autophagous Reign" (Xenokorp Records).

Produced at the Hertz studio (Behemoth, Vader, Nephren-ka ...) and featuring a cover designed by celebrated artist Lukasz Jaszak (Decapitated, Blood red throne ...), this critically acclaimed and brutally uncompromising collection of songs marked a new zenith in the group’s artistic development and led to the highly successful Autophagous Tour in early 2020. The album has also opened the doors to numerous festivals, including Muscadeath, Chaulnes Metal Fest, Outch extreme festival, Metal on the beach, Mosh Pit festival, Rock metal bandcamp..etc… .

Fall 2023 : the so long awaited new album will be released on Adipocere Records and it be called " Sublime the Decline" Stay tuned!!!

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