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Current line up :
Vocal : Patrick Germonville
Guitar : Alexis Baudin
Guitar : Bastien Legras
Bass : Jean-Noël Verbecq
Drum : Johann Voirin

Mortuary, born in Nancy in 1989 , is probably one of the older metal bands in France. After the release of three demos from 1990 to 1994 (Below the Marble, In harmony with Brutality and The Mortified Faces ( this one was declared one of the best metal demo in a european zine) ), the band recorded in 1996 a self-financed 7 song CD Hazards Of Creation,.

In 1997, Mortuary signed a deal with the French Thunder Productions label, which released the second CD Eradicate. It was produced by Bruno Donini (Loudblast, S.U.P, etc.) On the road, Mortuary played many gigs all around France helping to promote the CD.

After Thunder Productions stop its activities, Eradicate was reprinted by the American label Pavement Music, and thus sees a release in the United States and Canada.

Early 2002, after many line up changes, a new drummer and a good friend of the band Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, Soilwork, Megadeth and many more...) joined them and Mortuary recorded their third album Agony In Red, which is faster, more aggressive, and also more varied than their past releases with more death metal inspirations, while remaining close to the band’s spirit. This impressive 11 songs effort were released in France, Benelux and Russia by Anvil Corp/Wagram.

Then, in 2004, after Gaël Ferret (Misanthrope's drummer) joined the band, the two first albums was re-mastered and released under the title “Welcome to the morgue” by Anvil corp. Then, two new members joined the band; Paul Perrin for the guitar and a new drummer: Johann Voirin in 2007.

Summer 2009, the band recorded a new album with ten new songs. G.O.D a brutal piece of death thrash metal . Released in June 2010 on a French label: Pervade Prod . Unfortunately, as always no promotion was done cos of the producer's disappearance. May he rest in peace.

Summer 2013, Mortuary flew to Cuba and joined the Brutal Summer fest during 2 weeks ,for an incredible 7 dates tour with Splattered mermaids from Sweden, Dezastre Natural from Chile, and also french bands like S-Core, Severe. During the tour, Martin Schönherr the Splattered drummer and the underground swedish Goregeous prod label's boss offered the band a record deal for the next band's fullenght recording.

Back from Cuba and all through 2014, Mortuary entered their rehearsal's room to compose their new album. 10 new songs was be written. As always, there's no doubt about it: the music was intense, fast and brutal. For the beginning of their long carreer, to write brutal stuff is the Mortuary's trademark.

May 2015, Mortuary started the recording of their forthcoming new album in les sudios de la Forge with Gorgor (Agressor, Phazm, Wheelfall,...). Three months of intense recording for this new effort that was released in January 2016, called “Nothingless than Nothingness” and distributed by Goregeous productions. In 2017, Bastien replaced Paul. The line-up is now strong and ready to offer a new piece of brutal music. 

The band played with many great bands through all these years like Coroner, S.U.P., Obituary, Krabathor, Agressor, Hypocrisy, Hatesphere, Benighted, Pestilence, Decapitated and many more.... In 2017 they performed at the Hellfest and in October 2018 they joined VADER and ENTOMBED for 10 shows among Europe.

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